You can check the status of your order by contacting the technical support. To quick resolve the issue, specify your email address and number of the order.

Different types of services are performed by using different CPA networks, each has its own limits.

the promotion didn’t start or you entered the link incorrectly, contact our support. Details can be found in "Support" chapter.

Yes, it is certainly possible. You can find the details in the "Referral program" chapter.

This kind of issues could arise if you don't use email address in your social network account. In this case, you can link the email address to the selected social network and try to register again on our website, or register directly via email.

No, you need to have an account on SocialBooster. You can registrate using link - https://socialbooster.me/register.

Fulfilling the order starts within 24 hours. If the amount of work is large, the fulfilment can take longer.

If you found out an issue, you can get a refund. Contact us by Telegram, Mail or Online Chat on the site. Necessarily include the following information: 1. ID of the order 2. Your account login 3. Reasons for refund. The refund application is considered if the order hasn't been completed. If the order is completed, we can't do the refund. Applications without indicating all the necessary data aren't considered and remain unanswered. The processing time for a refund application is up to 24 hours.