1.Who is an offer?
By this word they mean a person who commits various actions on social networks for a reward;
2.How long does it take to get my order done?
Typically, the task is performed within a few hours, but there are situations where it may take several days to complete;
3.What is the bots?
Was a rule, this concept means an account that does not represent real information about the owner, does not have avatars and has less than five friends. Bots and Offers are different things;
4.What are the application statuses?
1. In the queue - the order is waiting for confirmation.
2. In process - currently working on the order.
3. Completed - the order is completed.
4. Canceled - this status, as a rule, is indicated in cases where the link is incorrect or some restrictions on rights apply.
5.Do you take into account the markups that were made earlier?
Dall orders that were made earlier are taken into account by the system. That is why before you make a new order, you must make sure that the previous one is in the status of “completed;<
6.The Order doesn't added though data are right. What's wrong?
Usually in this situation, changing the browser and cleaning the cache helps. In cases where these actions did not help, you must contact the technical support service;
7.Is there a possibility of withdrawal of funds?
No, all funds that are on the balance can only be spent on ordering services;
8.Is it planned to increase the quantity of provided services and sites?
Such plans are certainly there. The quantity of services and social networks is constantly increasing;
10.If the order was canceled, where would the paid money go?
In this situation, they will return back to the user's personal account;
11.Is there any guarantee for the services provided?
The guarantee is not valid for this kind of activity due to minor write-offs and blockages
12.Is it possible to stretch the promotion process?
This possibility exists. To do this, it is necessary to use the Interval parameter during the creation of an application. It is worth noting that this feature is not available in every case;
13.How quickly can I get an answer to a question via the feedback form?
As a rule, the question is processed by the operator within six hours, often earlier. However, there are cases of a delay of up to twelve hours;
14.Is there an opportunity to find an order that was made a few months ago?
Using the section "Order History", you can enter the number of a particular order or date to find the one you need;
16.After the order was fulfilled in my group, a large number of “dogs” appeared, what is the reason?
In this situation, there is nothing unusual. As a rule, the number of such accounts is no more than twenty to thirty percent. After a couple of days, the offerings accounts return their original appearance and the majority of the “dogs” disappear;
17.Which quality is better to choose?
The main differences in the types of quality are friends, activity and avatars. There are three main types of quality - best, standard and economy. The latter is the most unstable, therefore it is recommended to choose one of the first two;
18.Is it possible to get information about top-up bonuses?
This information can be obtained by going to the "Bonuses" section, which is located at the very bottom of the page;
19.Despite the fact that everything was correctly filled, my order was canceled, why?
This may be due to the fact that your order is related to prohibited topics, such as - pornography, casino, drugs and other things that are not served on our site.
20.My order disappeared, and the money returned to the balance. What's wrong?
So the order was canceled manually by the operator. Orders are canceled in several cases:.
1. The link is incorrect, without http: // or for the required service.
2. In the ordered service on VC, there are forbidden stop words, such as pornography, cheat, casino, etc.
3. Profile Vkontakte closed privacy settings.
4. One service is selected, and the link is shown to another. Be careful when ordering.
21.My order in VK has stopped. What should I do?
If the order suddenly stopped, do not be alarmed. For some services VK set a daily limit of up to 250 people. This limit helps to avoid a large number of dogs, locks and charges.