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Growing your YouTube channel from the ground up can be incredibly challenging. If you decide to go the organic route, you might have to be patient for several months or years to get any meaningful engagement. 

Buy why wait that long when you can get results quicker? Oh yes. When you buy YouTube shares, you increase the chances of your video ranking higher on search results. 

Buying YouTube shares is one of the quickest ways to boost engagement on a competitive platform like YouTube. 

In today’s post, you’ll learn how to buy YouTube video shares, the best place for this service, and how to block a YouTube channel

Let’s delve deeper, shall we?

Why Do You Need To Buy YouTube Shares?

If you’re still on the fence about whether to buy YouTube shares, it will interest you to know that this YouTube growth strategy offers several amazing benefits you don’t want to miss. 

When you buy YouTube video shares, you’re increasing the chances of your video ranking. When this happens, more people get to see your content, resulting in more views. 

YouTube shares benefits content creators in many ways, especially for creators who want to see a spike in engagement. Here is the catch, when users come across a video with many shares, they are likely to engage with that video. 

Buying YouTube shares wouldn’t be a bad move for creators who want to reach more users. Other ways to give to the algorithm engagement signals are likes, new subscribers and you can buy YouTube live viewers as well. And if you want to get even quicker results, you can also buy YouTube comments

How to Buy YouTube Shares

Ready to put this YouTube growth strategy to the test? Well, read our step-by-step guide to learn how to buy YouTube shares.

Choose the right marketplace

Even though there are many marketplaces where you can buy YouTube video shares, it's important to do your research before placing your order. 

Always ensure you purchase YouTube video shares from a reliable platform with a track record of quality service delivery. 

Speaking of reliable marketplaces, SocialBooster is the real deal. Our service is top-notch, and we deliver exactly as promised.  

Set your budget

Buying YouTube shares can cost you a few dollars or hundreds to thousands of dollars. So it's important to have a budget that meets your specific needs. 

Choose a package

When buying YouTube video shares from SocialBooster, you’ll typically find different packages to choose from. Choose one that suits your budget and proceed to check out. 

Place your order

After selecting your preferred budget, go ahead to choose a payment method that works for you. Once we confirm your order, you should start seeing an increase in shares on your videos. 

Why should you use SocialBooster to Buy YouTube Shares?

SocialBooster has earned its place as the best marketplace to buy YouTube shares. We have a track record of excellent service delivery. And we live up to our promise. 

When you buy YouTube video shares from our marketplace, you get genuine shares from active users navigating the platform daily. 

And because we keep the entire process organic, you can be rest assured that you won’t encounter any issues using our service. 


Is Buying YouTube Shares Safe?

You need to be careful when buying YouTube shares, especially because YouTube has a strict policy prohibiting the use of dubious tricks to gain an unfair advantage. If you ever need to buy YouTube video shares, you’ll be safe to use SocialBooster as we keep the entire process natural. 

Can I Get Banned For Buying YouTube Shares?

If your account is flagged by the YouTube algorithm for spammy activities, it could result in a temporal or outright ban.  To be safe, you won’t go wrong using SocialBooster. Since we don’t use bots or dubious tricks to increase your shares, your account isn’t at risk of getting banned.  

Which Package Should I Use For Buying YouTube Shares?

Our dedication to making customers' experience seamless in our marketplace has remained unwavering. Since we started our operations, we have continued expanding our payment options, giving our customers plenty of payment methods to choose from during checkout.  From credit cards to Apple Pay to Google Pay to crypto payments and even PayPal, there is no shortage of payment methods to use when buying YouTube shares from our marketplace.